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Get treated from home.

Got a UTI or sinus infection?

Need a prescription refill?

Can't get in to see your doctor?

Call 713-999-0008 (or submit the form below) for an appointment and a board-certified doctor will call you at your scheduled date/time.

Available 7 Days a Week from 9AM to 7PM

Prescriptions are electronically sent to your pharmacy. A doctor's note, if any, will be emailed to you.  

$55 per consultation. 

*At this time, we do not accept insurances

for virtual visits.*



Common Conditions for Telemedicine

Cold & Flu, Allergies

Sinus Infection, Bronchitis, Sore Throat

Skin Rash & Infection

Tooth Infection

Upset Stomach / Diarrhea

Urinary Tract Infection / Yeast Infection 

Cold Sore / Pink Eye

Medication Refill*

(*No Scheduled/Controlled Substances)


How do I schedule a telemedicine visit? 

Submit an appointment request (above) or call our office directly to schedule: 713-999-0008.  

What time can I schedule for telemedicine visit? 

Monday-Sunday 9:00AM to 7:00PM


I called 713-999-0008 but no one answered. What should I do? 

Please call during business hours (as mentioned above). If it is outside of business hours, please submit the form above, and the office will call you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost?

Flat fee of $55 per consultation. Payment information will be collected during your appointment.  


Will I get a prescription and how?

 The doctor will ask you which pharmacy to electronically send your prescriptions to. Prescriptions are sent immediately after your visit. 

How do I get an excuse note?

Excuse note will be emailed to you after your visit if needed.

Is there a medical record of my visit? 

Yes. Your doctor will keep a record of your visit on Electronic Medical Record (EMR), secured and HIPAA compliant.

How often can I use telemedicine visit?

 As many times as you need for your health needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions